financial aid for at risk students, college scholarships for international students, peer mentoring and college aid fundraising.  Help assist high school drop outs with guidance and more.

Making the world a better place one student at a time.

Peer to Peer

Students helping Students

One of the greatest challenges that we face as a nation is the rising cost of education, along with that enrollment and retention have given schools and students a lot of grief.  The GTC model gets students involved, and we talk about the things most important to a good college education. The students who work on GTC projects come to understand the socio-economic forces at play in the world around them, and how important it is that everyone can find opportunity in education, to discover a sense of self through charitable work.  What better way for students to learn about retention, and how their efforts, reinforced study habits and hard work will pay off.  Staying with their college program through completion is the one way to help students find their success without creating challenges that are unnecessary in a smooth transition from high school to college then beyond.

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Let GTC provide our viewing public your link and perhaps a web page devoted to your business that is college and student related with some important information about what your business is.

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Feeling the love

Its' not that abstract

Students involved in GTC will help with campaigns across the region about staying in school and to set the course for their college goals. All students are welcome to help with fundraising ideas and receive service credit for their time as long as the school the student attends will approve it. 

Along with fundraising, students can also refer other students who might be in crisis, who might be in need of mentoring and retention efforts.  GTC fundraising is multi platform goal oriented, raise funds for a worthwhile cause, while having fun, learning, helping others and being part of something in the community where students can learn more about themselves and the community they live in.

Students who participate with GTC can help to identify sponsors, possible scholarships from within the community, help with the web site design, and a host of other possible ideas.