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International Students

coming to Albany Area

There are a great deal of services available to students in the Capital Region.  International students are very vulnerable and are considered at risk when coming to an area for the first time.  This page will be a resource page to assist those students with information and provide a venue for help in the event of a crisis situation or if the student is seeking assistance with challenges they face in everyday life.  We also want to provide other resources for students who will be attending local high schools and colleges, and to those students who are seeking qualified tutoring programs in SAT and TOEFL preparation.  We are also seeking qualified and capable businesses who assist with the admissions preparation process for International students coming to our region that we safely and happily refer our International students too.  Part of the regions venue for International students are the many clubs, community and civic organizations that can help provide translation and guidance to students.

Many colleges in the area provide a variety of scholarships, but many go undiscovered, especially for the growing numbers of International students coming from other countries, we would like to use this page to provide schools who offer scholarships to students from around the globe.

Although we are not in the business of homestay for students, we have great concerns for students who come from afar and settle in only to find out they are not a good fit with families they choose.  In the future, GTC hopes to develop a matching database of families who want to provide a friendly family atmosphere to college students from other countries.

The development of this program will cost a great deal and we will be dependent on finding available resources to cover the costs.

​ 这个项目的筹备将会花费很高,但我们会寻求可靠的资金来源。

International student


in the photo above are three young women attending the Academy of The Holy Names who recently helped with a project in our community.