financial aid for at risk students, college scholarships for international students, peer mentoring and college aid fundraising.  Help assist high school drop outs with guidance and more.

Making the world a better place one student at a time.

Drawing for the scholarship will be held on September 20, 2014, at approximately 2:30 pm.

This is a promotional scholarship drawing to help define and publicize the activities of the organization Getting To College.Org, sometimes referred to as GTC.Org.

1.  To enter the give away scholarship, one must submit an entry form as described at special events prior to the drawing date.

2.  To enter via the website, one is eligible to submit one entry per day via our website at under the Scholarship Entry tab.  A valid email address is required.

Winner verification will take place.  Forfeiture will occur if the winner does not verify within 30 days of the drawing.  Any forfeiture of the prize will revert funds back to the general operating budget of the the  

Minors: funds will be held in a separate account under until such time that the winner can used the funds for the purposes intended.

Any funds will only be disbursed to a legitimate post secondary institution, whether, traditional, or proprietary in nature.

If a prize winner does not enroll in college within one year of high school graduation, retention being the key element, the student will forfeit the prize.

Any interest earned on the prize money is owned by the banking institution or and will be decided upon at the time of disbursement.

Unforeseen circumstance will be reviewed by the GTC.Org Board of Directors.

College enrollment and verification with college officials will apply, check will be disbursed to college of choice once verification can occur and student is past course rescind dates.

Instructions to Bursar/Business office will indicate funds can be used for any part of the cost of attendance (COA).

Tax liability in many cases will be zero, however, we are not tax specialists and refer you to your CPA.