financial aid for at risk students, college scholarships for international students, peer mentoring and college aid fundraising.  Help assist high school drop outs with guidance and more.

Making the world a better place one student at a time.

STudents Did you Know

our leadership team

Chief Legal Counsel ensures we are represented.

Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us.

Our Chief Financial Officer spends his free time teaching children to read.  Football is awesome.

His background in social media helps us reach people one tweet at at time. Gotta love the Ravens


GTC is a community effort focusing on high school drop outs, at risk students, and scholarships for student mentors who help create awareness among their peers on college savings and the importance of helping each other succeed in graduating high school.

Working at McDonalds

may help to earn you college Credits

yes, its' true, the McDonalds training program provides a series of learning tools that could eventually be turned into college credit through a process known as theoretical evaluation, although it is through life experience that we learn, some colleges do not refer to learning theory behind working in real life as life experience credits, as certain training at McDonalds could earn a student as many as thirty credit hours or more toward an Associates degree.  Also, many corporations and small companies provide tuition reimbursement which you will always be grateful for, this is one reason why I created GTC, I am grateful to the entrepreneurs that I worked part time for, who afforded me college tuition reimbursement.


2014 is the year of the GTC Founder, at many levels of giving, we have a unique opportunity to raise funds for this worthy cause.  Currently our efforts are all volunteer and more than 85% of program funds will go to our students.


It takes a and concern from the community is what makes the efforts of our working together to help create sound economic and viable support systems for students whose futures will be challenged in greater ways than ever before.


A large vision

To open the door to higher education for at risk youth in the Capital Region and beyond; to break down

the barriers that hinder potential students from entering college; and to provide support that empowers them to succeed.

To open the door to higher education for at risk high school drop outs in the Capital Region and beyond; to help them formulate a plan to get their HSE, high school equivalency and provide life skills guidance and options for best possible educational fit.  Not everyone is meant to go to college, and trades are becoming increasingly more important as our world changes to technology.  We still need plumbers, electricians and other such honorable professionals.

Getting to College is an approved 501(C)3 charitable organization, and our donations are tax deductible.

GTC is funded through private donations and grants, Contributions may be made with direct individual support, bequests, employers, organizations, and in-kind services.